Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter TOGETHER Scrapbook Page

I loved making this SNOWMAN hugging this SNOWBEAR!

I LOVE YOU Scrapbook Page

Here is the bear in the layout as well. :)

Single TORN BEAR creation

I like to offer a variety of my paper piecings and layouts on ebay. This is a torn bear creation that I made for the ladies in my ebay sellers group, UTPM (Under the Paper Moon)

WINTER WONDER Scrapbook Paper Piecing

I love to mix up my art and went for a smaller scale piecing than a layout. This one is also continuing the PINK winter theme. :)

Sweet CHRISTMAS Scrapbook Pages

I had the idea to make a PINK Christmas theme after me and my daughter Sofia made Christmas cookies. I looked at the red and white frosting and it literally hit me. he he he

Mrs. Potato Head in THAT FACE Scrapbook Page

Isn't this too funny? he he he

So Stinkin SWEET Scrapbook Pages

Here is another sweet layout I sold on ebay last year. I loved making this skunk.

Nuts about CHRISTMAS scrapbook pages

This was too fun to make. :)

Tear Bear Penguins in Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I had the idea to switch it up and make these bears wearing penguin suits instead of the other way around. Loved how it turned out. I also sold this on ebay around Christmas time.

Christmas JOY Scrapbook Page

Here is one I made around Christmas on ebay. I love making these bears.